Sadie Damascus – 2016


The host of KGGV.FM Radio’s Traditional Ballads with Sadie.


Child Ballads of the Supernatural
Sadie invites you to join us in singing magical ballads. (Ballads are very old, narrative folk songs; many collected by Professor Francis Child can be looked up as “Child Ballads” or “supernatural ballads.”) Some ballads describe ghosts, monsters, giants, mermaids, talking birds or other animals, people who become monsters or monsters who turn into people, the devil making mischief, talking ships, the faerie court, curses or talismans that really work, talking corpses, roast chickens crowing on command, or ghosts who appear just to yell at you and tell you that you screwed up and are going to a rotten afterlife. Some examples of supernatural ballads are: The Unquiet Grave, King Henry, The Wife of Usher’s Well, Fause Knight upon the Road, The Mermaid, The Elfin Knight, The Marriage of Gawaine, The Suffolk Miracle, Thomas the Rhymer, The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry, and The Grey Cock.